The vet and all the employees here are so nice and helpful. Their prices are reasonable too! “They don’t try to push you into buying something you don’t need for their dogs.” Very helpful staff! – Maria V. 11/27/17

I just love this office soo much! The staff, front and back, are very sweet and always pleasant. The office is very clean and doesn’t smell like most veterinary clinics. Dr. Bergstrom has been amazing with me and my 13 year Maltese. He’s very knowledgeable and always up front with services and costs. “It’s hard to find all of these qualities in a Vet!” – Amber M. 11/14/17

We just rescued a 6 week old kitten that was found in a wood pile, and we took our little guy, Roo, to get a good check up. I work in the veterinary industry so I have a high standard for the quality of service and quality of care my pet and I receive. Well, lets just say I am very happy. “Patty, at the front desk, is amazing. Very friendly and kind!!!” Dr. Voltin is superb. She is very knowledgeable and did a thorough exam of our kitten. She has a great bedside manner and was very sweet to our baby. “We signed up for the kitten package that includes A LOT of services and care, especially for the price!” Thanks again for everything. We look forward to our follow up visits. “BTW, This is the only hospital in Long Beach that is AAHA accredited, which means, they are the best of the best.”Joe R. 11/6/17

Dr Bergstrom and the staff did an amazing job examining my dog, Hurley and explaining everything to me. The Dr and staff were very friendly, very clean office (pet businesses sometimes have a pet odor) and they were able to see us the same day! We just moved here from out of state, so it is stressful finding new places where you’re not familiar with the area. “We are very happy with our choice and highly recommend Uptown Animal Hospital!” – Valerie D. 11/17

Brought my Dog here for a very bad ear infection in both ears. The Doctors ( I have seen Dr Voltin and Dr. Bergstrom)here are honest and knowledgeable. Upfront with their findings and plan of care. Just finished with the ear infections over the course of 3 visits over 2 month. Honest and very good at what they do. I recommend this office 5/5. And one other bonus is that there prices are affordable.– Matthew R 8/7/17

On July 1st, I noticed my dog Donna had her head severely tilted to the left, so at 7:15AM on Monday, July 3rd, I called Uptown for an appointment. They made one for 8:30. Dr. Voltin was very caring and concerned and her staff did a great job of reassuring us, She also took some blood to be sure that there was nothing going on internally. A few days later, she called and left a message that everything was normal. Donna’s head isn’t as tilted anymore, and I was told that this sometimes happens to old dogs. “It’s good to know that the people at Uptown are there if we need them.”. – Joni H 7/12/17

I brought my boy to get his Bordetella 6 month booster vaccine since he’ll be starting doggie daycare soon (they require the Bordetella vaccine every 6 months instead of every year). First impressions, I like that they have plenty of parking in their own parking lot. When I walked inside, the waiting area was pretty neat and clean and tidy. No smells at all considering lots of anxious pets come through daily. Reception was friendly, helpful, and quick with getting copies of all my boy’s medical records. My boy loves Stella (I believe that was her name) the store dog. She came out to greet him and she was very sweet. She seemed to calm him down, which is good because he always get a little nervous at the vet office. We didn’t have to wait very long to be let into the exam room. I believe we only waited about 10 minutes max but it only took about that long because, since this was our first time here, reception had to make copies of all my boy’s medical records and I had to fill out some paperwork. Exam room was clean and cute. The nurse who took my dog to his exam room was very sweet and patient with him while she took his temperature (he hates that part) and she offered him treats which he gladly ate after she left the room haha Dr. Jason Bergstrom was very friendly and my dog seemed pretty comfortable with him. Of course he was nervous because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen but he went right up to Dr. Bergstrom and licked his hand and was getting all puppy eyed and cutesy with him. I liked that Dr. Bergstrom was very thorough in asking about my dog’s past medical history and actually looking through and reading the copies I provided the office of his medical records. That way I know he is actually paying attention and taking note of everything I say. Prices are decent. I paid $16.25 for the Bordetella booster and $50 for an exam fee since it was my boy’s first time at this office. But for future boosters, Dr. Bergstrom informed me we don’t have to make an appointment, we can just come in and have a vet tech give him the vaccines and save the $50 for the vet fees. Which I thought was pretty convenient. “Overall our experience was pleasant at this office and I’m glad I finally found a good vet that we will definitely be coming back to for all my boy’s medical needs.” – Khrystin M. 4/24/17

I came here after not having a good experience at my old vet with a new dog i got from a rescue. Very glad i came here. “Doctor and vet tech where very nice and took there time with all my questions.” My doctor made a wish list for the things she wanted for my dog. She was very helpful with with my dogs diet and a skin condition which my other vet did not even mention they could help me with. They even helped me with trimming my dogs bi claws. Also the price was very reasonable. Thank you dr. Julie Was this review.Jason L. 02/07.17

Dr. Jason is very comforting and he was able to explain everything very thoroughly to us. Overall, staffs here are incredibly great!!!! They always have answers and give the best options. “They truly care about your pet.”– Sharlyn G. 12/10/16

Dr. Voltin is perfect. She is honest, direct, and caring! The communication between the staff is excellent. “Everyone puts you and your animal their top priority.” I was referred to this hospital by a orthopedic surgeon after animal warner hospital neglected my kitten with a broken leg and then dropped her and broke her wrist. This hospital is fairly priced, educates you on the issues at hand, and gives reasonable suggestions. If your looking for an honest, loving, respectful animal doctor, Voltin is your go to! Delanie W 12/04/16

Julie and staff have always been helpful with our disabled dog. I think she was extremely fair and never pushed anything that didn’t absolutely need to be done. “Also on a few occasions she has spoken truthfully and not recommended products or treatments that don’t have the evidence to support them. Something that is important to me.” They were all quite thoughtful and professional when we finally had to put our dog to sleep. Making one of our worst days as good as it could be. Chad C. 10/24/16

It’s been over a month since we said goodbye to my dear Ciji. I’ve been meaning to come here and write this ever since we had her euthanized but it’s unfortunately still a struggle to put it into words. I adopted her when she was 6 weeks old. She lived 17 years and 3 months, which is longer than she might otherwise have had. Dr. Bergstrom gave us the extraordinary gift of an extra 4 to 5 years with her, and Dr. Voltin gave us the peaceful ending that she rightly deserved. I already knew this was a staff comprised of exceptionally decent people, but when the condolence card arrived from their office with a handwritten note from Dr. Voltin I was left speechless. No amount of “thank you’s”, or even this 5 star rating, could ever suffice. “For pets, as well as their lowly humans, it just does not get any better than this.” PS. The photographs you see in their lobby were reportedly taken by Dr. Voltin. It’s absolutely stunning work and her love for animals shines through in each one. Curt P. 8/25/15

After leaving Affordable Animal Clinic due to a few unhappy experiences, we found Uptown Animal Hospital on Yelp, read all the positive reviews and decided to give it a shot. “We’re glad to say we’ve found our forever Vet for our dog, Raisin!” This location is conveniently near our home, has great parking and accommodating staff. Their prices are inexpensive and we’re very happy with the service, advice and genuine care they show to us and our pet! Vanessa M. 8/18/16

The vets at this place are not in it just to make money. “They give you options from conservative to premium treatment and let you decide without pressure or guilt unlike a certain chain of animal hospitals.” They also take time to make your pet comfortable. My cat crawled under the bench in the exam room so the doctor sat on the floor and cuddled her for a while before poking and prodding her. Eric P. 8/14/16

“I really love this place and the special attention they give to all of their patience.” Including my little rat face kitty, Martini. 🙂 They are super accommodating and very very caring when we take her in for her appts or even a bath. Once they even took me in the same day when my cat became infested with fleas. So awesome! I’m Really thankful for this place and their friendly staff & service. 🙂 Crissy B. 7/18/16

“Wonderful care and compassion!! Knowledgeable friendly staff & skilled Veterinarians.” – Alicia I. 6/7/16

I’m a foster failure with lots of fur babies and I have been going to Uptown for many years. My pet-peeve is when a Veterinarian treats an animal like a mechanic treats a car…. Pops the hood looks around and doesn’t do more than that. “All of the Vets at Uptown are so welcoming and get on the ground with my dogs or cuddle my cats and treat them like their own.” We were there for the hundredth time today for one of our cats and it was quick and painless. They always give options, never put on pressure for high cost operations or medications, and the front office staff is wonderful. Shannon C. 5/16/16

I had to put my dog down and was putting it off but he became really sick and I knew it was time. My dogs vet was trying to charge double the price of this place. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never done this before. I felt they were very compassionate and made the process as good as it could have gone. “I wish I would have found this Vet sooner.” I have had so many bad experiences that towards the end I stopped taking him because it seemed the medication vets were pushing was making him worse. My dog went peacefully. Sunny D. 5/13/16

The staff are always so warm and welcoming, and “both Dr Bergstrom and Voltin are highly knowledgeable.” If there’s any issues with my two dogs, I can always count on Uptown Animal Hospital to help us. Even though I live in Torrance, I will continue to come to Long Beach to visit. Thank you so much! 🙂 Emily S. 4/28/16

I too have been going to Uptown for many years. The care that my pets have received over the years has been outstanding. We’ve tried vets closer to our home but always end up going back to Uptown. A few years ago Dr. Bergstrom helped us through the end of life process for our beloved cat. Last year around this time he came up with a new treatment plan to help our old Aussie walk again. More recently Dr. Voltin got our sick puppy back on track. We bought a puppy package and Dr Voltin was great. The staff, especially Patty have been truly amazing to work with. They show a great deal of care and compassion towards us and our pets. “Someone complained about the cost. Let me say you get what you pay for. We’re sticking with Uptown.” Chris B. 3/20/16

I love this place. I’ve gone several times for my cats and every time, the front desk staff are polite and friendly. The facility looks neat and clean. Also, “Dr.Bergstrom is super kind and caring and it’s obvious he really loves animals. The vet tech, Anna, was also really nice and they made me feel welcomed and treated my cats with a lot of care. Great place.” Ariadna Z. 3/7/2016

They too great care of Snidley when he had his leg amputated. The staff is super nice and it is obvious that they care very much for the animals they treat. Dr. Bergstrom did an outstanding job along with Dr. Fischer. Prior to Snid’s operation he was so generous with his time in helping us to come to the difficult (but now clearly correct) decision to do the operation. “(Snid had many consultations with several different vets and of them all Dr. Bergstrom was the only one who would call back if I had a question.)” And their rates are VERY reasonable…which is also important. Highly recommended. David A. 3/4/16

Were from San Diego, but were visiting family in Long Beach. We just got a (then) 8 week old puppy on black friday and he had diarriah. We were told from the previous owner that he got his first set of shots and was already dewormed. When after a couple days, he didnt get better, we took him to Uptown since our family referred us. Im so glad we came by because our pup ended up NOT being dewormed, instead he had round worm and another parasite!!! Dr. Bergstrom was beyond amazing and worth may more than 5 stars! We went twice in a matter of 24 hours when we found out he coughed up round worms to get meds. The staff and Dr. Bergstrom (really hoping I spelled it correctly) were so kind and accomidating. The pricing wasnt outragious like other animal hospitals and San Diego vets. He didnt tell us we NEEDED to get any meds, he suggested, described and then left it up to us to make the decision. 2 weeks later, our pup has solid stool, no more worms and raising hell in our house with his squeeky toys and running around. “If we lived closer, we wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Thanks again Uptown! Rebekha P. 12/14/15

We’ve been taking our dogs and cats to Uptown Animal Hospital for years, and Dr. Voltin (as well as the other veterinarians) along with her staff have helped us through some incredibly tough times, and through all the good ones. “I’d recommend them to anyone looking for the best care for their animals you can find in Long Beach.” Drew G. 12/5/15

“The staff are polite, courteous, warm, friend and very professional.” I have been taking my dogs there for years. Marcus O. 10/21/15
Took my Weimaraner here for the first time today. Sadly she had an ear infection but the entire staff & Dr. Bergstrom were all so helpful. The nurse taught me how to properly clean her ears (which I have been doing wrong for years) & I love that they weren’t abrasive or pushy. I’ve found my dogs veterinarian for life today. “DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS TO ANYONE & EVERYONE!” Laura F. 8/20/15

I have been wanting to write this review for quite a while and have been a bit lazy. I started coming to Uptown in 2008 when I moved to the LB area. The previous ownership and Dr’s were not remarkable… but since Dr. Voltin purchased the practice, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!
“Drs. Voltin and Bergstrom are just awesome. So amazingly patient, loving and compassionate with my fur babies (and with us). I can’t say enough. When we had to send our sweet Lucy off to “college” (after battling cancer), not only did Dr. Bergstrom cry with us, but we got a sympathy card from them! Dr Voltin personally calls me with lab results and to follow up, she is so wonderful!” I moved to Huntington Beach, and now the Corona area, and just don’t want or trust anyone else to take care of my dogs. I’m so sad we moved farther away, but it is still worth the drive. Oh, and Patti and Det, at the front desk always remember me and are so sweet and compassionate. Finding a great Animal Hospital can be a challenge (I still haven’t found one up to my standards in the Corona area yet), and I highly recommend them. Be sure to say Hi to Stella, Dr. Voltin’s dog, she is very special! Robyn S. 8/18/15

I’m an owner of two small breed dogs and I’ve been very happy with the high level of care they’ve received from both doctors. I was referred to Doctor Voltin by my old vet before I moved from south OC and I’m so happy I was. “If you are looking for a caring vet who’s willing to take their time with both you and your pet this is a great choice.” Everyone knows a trip to the vet can tend to get expensive quickly, but these guys really know how to keep the costs down when that is a factor. The prices they charge for their common services are very reasonable which I love. As an added bonus you’ll most likely be greeted by a few of doctor Voltin’s furry four-legged ‘assistants’ when you walk in as she likes to keep her doggies close-by with her at the office. They’re the most mellow, sweet, and well behaved dogs. Eric I. 8/14/15

“The only place I would recommend for taking a pet.” No one had diagnosed the issues w/ our pet correctly — always spending $$ to find out it didn’t help. Thanx to Dr Bergstrom our pet is on his way to being healthier. Jack S. 6/29/15

“This place is amazing !!” I took my English Bulldog for his last shots last weekend and I was so pleased. I took my bully to 2 different vets before coming to this one, but none were as pleasing as Uptown. The vet asked if we had any concerns about Elvis and answered everyone one of them. The Vet then went on to analyze Elvis and told us all about his breed, she also advised on what kind of issues we could run into considering he is an English bulldog . The staff was really kind over the phone and in person. The only thing that I did not like, was that Elvis cried for the very 1st time while his temperate was taken. This totally broke my heart and made me a little weary about the nurse. The nurse was kind and and sweet but could be more gentle next time. Lexi C. 5/23/15

Julie saw our Lhasa Apso Sasha on April 30th. She was miserable with itching, but Dr. Julie took good care of our girl, and after the right medicines she is doing great. “I love that everyone there makes you feel your pet is in good hands, and they care.” Lianne V. 5/16/15

My precious Coco has been with Uptown all his life. When he was young he was diagnosed to be diabetic. Uptown showed us the way to give Coco almost 12 years of good life despite all his physical problems. I love all the staff at Uptown. Yesterday on one of the hardest days of my life – my precious Coco was near death from his many health issues and the wonderful staff at Uptown helped me and my husband peacefully be with Coco as he passed from this world. Especially thanks go to Dr.V as she stayed with us and encouraged us. “Wonderful care – wonderful people. I highly recommend them to everyone.” Ruth G. 4/14/15

Uptown Hospital is our neighborhood hospital and one of the finest in the town. As you walk in you are greeted by professional and courteous staff and a furry four legged welcome committee! The service was spectacular, “I really felt that the staff cared and loved my pet just as their own.” The hospital is warm and welcoming. Both my dogs have been happy patients here. Thank you Uptown Hospital, for loving our pets and taking good care of them! Stephanie S. 3/3/2015

Uptown put golden state clinic to shame.. “Fast professional and affordable…” Way better service in and out. I waited four hours at golden state paid 62$ for 36 antibiotics and I had to pay 62 dollars for another 36 antibiotics every nine days because they would only give me 36 at a time.. And sixty dollars for visit.. Uptown I paid 110 $ for visit , 90 antibiotics and flea medicine… in and out in twenty min… Thank you uptown way to go.. Helen S. 1/30/2015

I became a first time dog owner this year, fostering a 8 month pittie and then adopting a 2 month german shepherd mix. Needless to say, I had no clue how to care for their unique health needs. I found this place purely by accident, as I recently moved to long beach and it happened to be on my drive there. The staff are generally very sweet and nice, and when I see them again I’ll take names and put them up here. There are two asian girls who are particularly sweet and welcoming whenever I come, and know my pup by his name, Loki. There is also an lovely black woman who cuddled my pup on his first visit and made him feel safer. Dr. Testa is very bubbly and happy, and is great with answering my obsessive dog mommy questions. I’m paranoid about my pup getting worms or other diseases, so I try to ask about prevention and symptoms so that I can be educated. My only “bad” (couldn’t find a better word) comment is that I wasn’t told about the puppy package special that they have when I first brought Loki in. Instead, I paid for all his vaccines individually and it ended up costing me more money. I was told during his second-to-last injection about the puppy plan, and by then, it was too late. “This is the only vet I will take my pup to for the rest of his life.” He is now six months old and is happy and healthy. They really care about your pet and call to check up on them, too! I referred my neighbor here and his Labrador, Mickey, loved it here as well. – Ava N. 1/10/2015

We never knew we could love this much. Bruiser came into our lives 5 years ago and we can’t remember life without him. Shortly after we brought him into our home he began having seizures. Not just one but many-cluster seizures. He once had 14 in a 24-hour period. For anyone who has dealt with this you know that the experience is terrifying. Well, certainly in the beginning, as we had no idea what was happening or if he would be ok. We took him to Uptown and from the very start we knew we were at the right hospital. Everyone from the front office staff to the technicians and ward attendants has offered the utmost skill, professionalism, empathy and compassion to our beloved pooch. Dr. Voltin is an AWESOME doctor! She loves animals and she is a wonderful human being. She has been with us on this journey from the beginning and has walked us through Bruiser’s condition, she has worked with us tirelessly to get his medicine just right and she is always considerate of budget. Dr. Voltin gave us an excellent description of all our options; she communicated complicated information in a simple manner and has always been very understanding of us. She even finds the time in her busy schedule to call and check on him. We feel like everyone here genuinely cares about our Bulldog. We have gone through SO much (too much to list here) but with great joy we can report that Bruiser is doing great! We want to thank everyone at Uptown for all the expertise, care and love they have given to Bruiser over the years. Bruiser loves to visit this place and we know that has everything to do with the loving staff of Uptown Animal Hospital. We can’t recommend Uptown highly enough! P.s. “ALL of the Doctor’s here are terrific!” Dr. Bergstrom and Dr. Testa have also treated Bruiser on different visits and they too were wonderful! – Kara K. 8/21/2014

Dr. Voltin has cared for both of my dogs (Aimee & Lola) even before she acquired Uptown Animal Hospital. “Yes, I followed her and continue to take my dogs there for care. She has always been very thorough and her staff kind and helpful. It doesn’t take long to see love of animals”. – Mark T. 8/01/2014

Why do I drive from La Mirada to Long Beach for veterinarian services?? Dr. Julie Voltin and her staff that is why!! She has cared for numerous pets of mine over the years and always had mine and my pets best interest at heart! “I have never questioned her and she has NEVER disappointed with diagnosis or treatment!!” She is kind, compassionate, reasonable, and trustworthy!!! She has been the greatest support when we had to put a pet down and even cried with us! She is an angel!!! – Carla T. 7/2/14

“Dr. Jason Bergstrom is my preferred vet. Not only because he’s great with my little lamb but he’s great with me, too.” My dog Fred’s health and comfort are painstakingly important to me and I am a naturally inquisitive person who is also a bit of a worrier, especially when it comes to the things I’m accountable for. As such, I tend to ask a lot of questions and like a good little nerd, I also do my research. I want to make sure the life I provide for Fred is thoughtful of his needs and development. I take great pride in having adopted this sweet pup and do everything I can to provide a loving, peaceful and safe home for him. It means a lot to me to have a vet who understands that and is more than happy to answer my variegated questions. His knowledge, suggestions, and patience with my questions keep my dog healthy. The front desk staff and vet techs are friendly, too. Plus there’s a cute K Cup beverage area and plenty of fresh magazines to read while you wait. I’ve never had trouble getting same day appointments and parking is a breeze. 2 thumbs and 4 paws up for Dr. Bergstrom and UAH! – Jessica S. 6/19/14

My little Buttercup threw up two days ago and hadn’t been looking too great since then 😦 I felt worried and wanted to go somewhere close to home (my usual vet is all the way in Irvine and I live in Long Beach). I decided to “yelp it” and found Uptown Animal Hospital with great reviews! I saw Dr. Lori Testa and she was wonderful! After doing a very thorough physical inspection of Buttercup, she prescribed some probiotics to strengthen his little tummy and offered to do blood and a stool sample if I desired. As for now, I will monitor him for the next few days…”but really appreciated how nice and concerned all of the staff there were.” Overall I will say that the general pricing for services is a little more than your average vet, but then again…you’re getting a little more than average from this vet 😉 – Serinity R. 6/6/14

“These veterinarians actually care about our dog, but have no intention of stealing all your money like many places.” They are kind, helpful, and always seem to have an opening when something urgent comes up. We love this place and cant recommend them enough! – Sarina H. 5/2/14

There aren’t enough stars for me to tell you about the consistently wonderful service we get every time we come here. “Det always has a smile on and greets us cheerfully.” We have an aggressive breed of dog and poor Herminio has been growled at several times but he’s very understanding with our pup. Dr. Testa is out of this world with how patient she is. Every time we’ve come she’s sat on the floor until our dog was comfortable enough to come to her. Everyone we’ve met here has provided us with stellar service. You would think that because of the extremely high quality of service that the prices would be outrages right? Well think again! Before we found this place we paid way more for mediocre service. I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else! -Shira L. 3/20/14

“Uptown Animal Hospital is simply the best!” Dr Bergstorm saved my bulldogs life from parvo and we are forever in his debt. At 10 weeks old, and less than 24 hours into owning him, we found out Ulysses had parvo and needed to be hospitalized. I truly believe that if we couldn’t have afforded to hospitalize him the Dr’s and staff at Uptown would have saved his life anyways. I don’t know if I have anything to justify this belief besides the feeling of love and commitment I see them have for my dog, but that enough for me 🙂 Dr Bergstorm will always be our hero but I cannot forget to mention the amazing Vet assistants; who are the warmest people you’ll ever work with. Every time we are at uptown one of the staff asks how their parvo puppy is doing and it just warms my heart. Two years later Ulysses is happy, healthy, and hyper !! We have moved to Orange but we continue to drive to Long Beach for our animals . Nothing but the best for our fur children . Thank you Dr Bergstorm and the entire staff you’ll never know what you mean to us! – Courtney B. 03/13/14

Through my tears, I saw sympathetic eyes and a deep concern for my well-being. I’d never owned or cared for my own dog until I met Palito, my charming min-pin. And I was aware that one day, I’d have to face the inevitable, his death, as their precious lives are so short compared to our’s. Today was the day and I was crushed to the point of endangering myself as well as others as I tore through the streets to get my ailing doggie to the vet. I forgot everything; his papers, collar, leash, how to drive. But there was nothing to be done. His little heart gave way and he was scared and in pain. I held onto him to the last as the euthanasia took affect. And I held his limp body until the vet said “It’s over.” He always liked this veterinary hospital and always got great care here, right to the end. The vet, Dr B, treated my pet with the care I would want from any professional and his concern was apparent in his eyes as I gave over my loving Palito for the last time. The following day, I mourned, cried more than I had since my brother died the same year I found Palito. The next day, I got busy with household chores and then went surfing and gave myself up to the demands of a regular day. When I came home, I found a card from the vet with a poignant, hand-written note of condolences. I was touched yet again by their care and empathy. I haven’t decided on getting another dog, not yet. It’s too soon for that. But when and if I do, it’ll be Uptown Animal Hospital that will care for what I cannot. “Thank you, Dr Bergstrom, you made the path easier to walk.” -Robin Z. 03/13/14

My kitten seems to find dangerous places alot! About 3 weeks ago, she climbed under my Mom’s hospital bed and got squished when my Mom put the foot of the bed down. Luckily there wasn’t any spinal damage or internal injuries, how ever she did have swelling of the brain. Dr. Testa’s quick actions of calling a neurologist and giving her a certain medication saved her life and 48 hours later she was home and 12 hrs after that she acted like nothing had ever happened! “Absolutely LOVE Dr. Testa and the staff at Uptown Animal Hospital! I will be a client for all my animals for life.” -Shannon A. 12/27/13

See Dr. Voltin….I bring my poodles here for every check up and vaccinations. ..”great with my girls and always are at my call when I have questions and concerns”. ….a great great place and yes I will be here again soon…thanx Jason R. 11/27/13

First visit, so far, so good. My sweet jack russell seems to have an out of nowhere (or out of this move we just made) biting and licking problem. I wanted to nip it in the bud, so I was looking for a vet in the new neighborhood. Decided to make the drive to Uptown Animal Hospital, and so far, I am very pleased. “The assistants were SO nice, and Dr. Bergstrom was really wonderful with my dog, and with me.” He spent plenty of time talking to me, and going over all the options that we had for my dog. I feel really comfortable so far with the level of care I received, so hopefully that sticks with the follow up….Downside? They are a bit pricier than some other vets in the area, as well as my old vet, but 5 dollars here and there is worth it if you have someone competent and friendly taking care of your animals. – Dayna k. 8/12/13

“I’ve been going to Uptown for years now. Dr. Sakamoto was the previous owner and head vet, but has retired and Dr. Voltin is the new owner and head vet. I love the staff and the vets there. Always helpful and friendly. I even had my dog board with Uptown and he loves the people there. I always recommend anyone who has pets to go here. Dr. Voltin and Dr. Bergstrum are great and truly cared for my dog. It’s like a family there.” – Gee D. April 2013

I just started fostering dogs and the team at Uptown Animal Hospital has been fantastic to work with. They’re great with Maggy, my German Shepherd, who is a little temperamental, as she is not used to being restrained or handled. Dr. Voltin has also been great with me, a new pet owner, and my myriad of what are probably really basic questions. They’ve gone above and beyond helping me navigate through the care Maggy needs as well as working with the The Forgotten Pet (where I got the dog) to get her back history, payment info, etc. “The staff is friendly, the service outstanding, and the facilities immaculate. Highly recommend”.- Gina C. Sept 2012

“I cannot say enough good things about Uptown Animal Hospital, from the front desk staff to the cleanliness of the facility, it is very nice to see a team of dedicated veterinary professionals doing things right. To top it all, their follow up is amazing, every time I have taken my girls or my client’s pets there, they have taken the time to call back and check on their progress/recovery and to remind you when you need to come back in for a check up, follow up, etc.” – Carlos, October 2012

“Thank you uptown! They took care of my beloved Sascha last minute. The doctor was well versed, honest, caring and genuine. She explained what I could expect for Sascha’s recovery, the duration of infectivity and the treatment options. I am dedicated to this animal hospital. I also like the front desk staff and think they are friendly, understanding and kind ; )” – Leila, October 2012

“I had such a terrible experience with my newly adopted kittens (at a vet farther north), that this vet was a God-send!!! I highly recommend it – I even got my friend to use this place.” – Tricia, March 2012

“Best animal hospital in Long Beach. Staff is very friendly and and very helpful. Dr. Bergstrom is very approachable and truly cares for the health of your pet. He answers all questions that you may have concerning your dogs health and future. I adore this animal hospital and would trust no other place with my dogs health.” – Amber, December 2011

“They are patient and kind and really know what they are doing. They understood my finances and let me make payments.” – Michelle, November 2011

“The Vet (Dr. Voltin) was great! She explained everything to me regarding my dog who has a light cough. She diagnosed it as an upper respiratory infection and gave my dog some antibiotics. The vet also noticed that my dog has hairs in her ears and it was causing an infection which made her smell pretty bad. The vet explained to us what she had to do and she showed me what she was going to do and explained to me that it does not hurt the dog at all. By looking at my dogs reaction, I felt that it hurts but maybe because she’s just a puppy, that feeling was very new to her. The vet went to the other room and cleaned up her ears and the smell went away.” – Mr. J., August 2011